My personal project on Trinidad and Tobago Sign Language

100_1100 - Copy

Minimal pairs – Point of difference is in movement. WEIGH alternates hand movements up and down , while WEIGHT is produced by identical movement of both hands

Yes! This. Again.

No, I haven’t joined a class, although, given my intent to take on the personal project of analyzing  the Syntax of TTSL (dunno how though – what angles do i take?) I may just have to.

Looking back at  my undergrad thesis, and knowing full well that I may not be able to publish it on a public forum like this one,(I probably signed away my rights to do with it as I wish after submission) I’m remembering why I wanted to do this. Because, Why Not? It’s a language, so it must have elements that other languages have. Why not show it? And, since my thesis focused on proving some phonological elements  present in TTSL, just like spoken language, just like other signed languages, why not try looking at it from a syntactic view?

100_1211 - Copy

Disyllabic sign – two morphemes – B handshape to T [syllable break] P handshape upward movement from upturned palm – Hold-Mov-Hold.Hold-Mov-Hold

Luckily, my old supervisor is willing to help me with it, although, I may have to show why I’m doing this on my own. Honestly, it’s because I’m curious as to how the grammatical structure of TTSL manifests itself, and how it compares to Trinidadian Standard English (TSE), and because I’m a linguist. Today I net an Indian national, who schooled  some locals about the differences (socially, linguistically, the pragmatics) between different languages found here that are from India originally. I wanted to talk about it, but alas! I know very little about the subject. Also he was fluent in Spanish! we had a brief exchange, and that alone fascinated me! And thinking about it, it also shows me that territories that are primarily Anglophone, have a very linguistically Anglocentric attitude!

Anyways, back to my project.

100_1110 - Copy

Even mimetic signs are influenced by the contraints that influences other signs in TTSL

tumblr is to blame for my raised interest.

So many SLs are presented over there, and I feel left out. I wanna join in and show people that Trinidad and Tobago has one too! And it’s just as complex and important as everyone else’s languages.

A lot has been done for TTSL as of late, and I’m proud to have witnessed some of it. I just wanna do my share in doing what I do best – researching things people are unaware of and stick it in their faces at weird points in time.

But this one will have a meaningful purpose.

Also, see how I not so sneakily sneaked in  three phonological elements of TTSL? Minimal pairing/grouping, syllables, and constraints that order the production of signs in meaningful ways – OT.  You see these in spoken and signed languages.




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