Memory Jar 2016

How to Create a Memory Jar!  This is an amazing way to capture the best moments throughout the year!


It is 10:07 pm on the 29th of December 2015.

It’s like a year too late, but the idea is still relevant and kicking. So, it’s been circulating since December 2013 that we should keep a memory jar of all the good that happened to us from January 1st of the next year to the 31st of December. And it’s a pretty good idea, I think. As someone who’s trying to be more positive (to myself, mostly), I think it’s brilliant .

But as much as I would like it to be, the mason jar thing isn’t gonna work for me. For one, I only just remembered this thing, and tomorrow I’m  at work all day, and Thursday is work, then home to rush out again for New Year’s Eve service at church. Granted it’s hours apart, but still. We’re not the most organised of people, and my father, brother, and sister have no idea of the importance of time management.

Instead, I think I’ll do what I have been doing for a while now. I’ve been more keen on journalling a bit more, although not a bit more efficiently. Still, I have two completed ones, have a third in the works, and a separate one. ( I journal in themes, apparently – The three are one kind, and the fourth is another kind altogether.) Plus I got two more journals for Christmas and pretty stationery 😀

So why not use it?

Or, another idea, I could use a piggy bank instead of the jar. Saving memories instead of loose change. Same idea, different container.

It’s more about the storage than the actual task….

But I think that’s the one resolution I could manage. Little more adventurous, a little more attainable.

It’s different anyway.


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