New year’s resolutions update – January


This year, I have a few creativity based challenges. Reading, which is something I don’t do. I’ve adopted a DIY habit, which I think would be fine by me, I like trying my hand at different things that I would have looked at longingly at a distance. Journaling – prayer journaling, continuing bible study – which makes it easier to see and understand what I’m reading. Then there’s this daily positivity resolution, which I intend to try to eliminate the bad from the good. I accept that bad happens, but I don’t want it to override the good that happens. Which works for me at least. There were bad things, but as simple or trivial as the good was, I have a minimal effort booklet of the good things that happened in January. And February looks promising so far.

Summed up so far, we entered the new year with the same number of family members and animals as we expected to enter the new year. I’ve been social, and productive, and even attempted grownup errands and tasks. And succeeded. Trivial, yes, but it matters. There was growth in different areas so far. There have been spiritually encouraging events too, which makes me put more trust in God, that makes me want to further develop and strengthen my relationship with Him.

My challenges prove to be just that, but it wouldn’t be too much fun if they weren’t difficult, would it? But I’m sticking with them so far. ( btw -for a book I’ve abandoned, I’m doing Songs of the Dying Earth. Short stories that are basically fanfiction for Jack Vance. So what could be better, right? Hopefully GRR Martin doesn’t kill too many people  off.

I’ve made contact with family members that sadly we’d lost contact with over many years, but it was nice to talk to them again.

And I’ve found the way to cut my hair that keeps it manageable, and even presentable. I’ve talked myself out of streaking my hair pink, blue, and purple, because ultimately, I’m not that kind of person, and I’d’ve regretted it almost immediately. So there was change, but enough of it to make me less difficult to deal with – I have hopes for the other 11 months of the year, I’ll be a got-dang treasure at the end of 2016.



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