Sign language classes have begun for me

We’re two weeks in so far, and it’s really interesting, because we learn both ASL and TTSL signs where applicable. We got a lot more of TTSL v ASL signs today and it’s actually pretty cool. I’m thinking I’ll be more comfortable with ASL signs though. Which isn’t a problem, since ASL is widely used here. Granted, the TTSL signs would be good to know, for vocab or general use. I dunno.

I’m just glad I have a forum to learn and practice. You learn stuff online, which is fine, but I mean, language is dynamic, and learning online and from books is way static. I just wanna get a place to practice it, even if it’s just once a week.

It’s one step closer to fully learning TTSL though. Like, officially. The interpreters learn it, the average Joe learns ASL.

I’ll want to learn TTSL.

But can I interpret? I get trouble interpreting got spoken languages. It’s a confidence/anxiety thing. I’ll get over it, but… Maybe not for some time.

Anyway, there’s always Deaf events to go and learn TTSL.

Oh interesting thing! For me at least. Maybe some linguists will find it cool. I dunno. I do.

There’s a parent of a Deaf child there. Her son attends the Cascade School of the Deaf, and he even taught us some signs. Some were intentional, others were not. He was playing, but I was watching. I mean, he’s the only native signer there tonight. So, I need to learn. As a polyglot and a linguist, I make it my point!


With the signs for family members, I watched the tutor/coordinator sign, and it was what I learned on asluniversity, and I’m looking at the kid and I’m seeing what the Deaf naturally use here. So I’m following him, using his signs. The tutor didn’t correct me yet, so I’m fine (?)

What’s cool too, as a linguist, is seeing/hearing about language changes. Or possible ones anyway. Like for HEART we learned you trace the shape of a heart on your chest. The kid’s mother mentioned to the tutor that children at school signed it, like, using the hand to shape it rather than trace it  (?)


Like that, I believe. The location is the same, but if I remember rightly, you do need movement. I wonder what the movement would be.

Hm…  I don’t wanna say you can use this just yet. So please don’t. Just trace the shape of it.

Last week, we  learned the history of TTSL and the Deaf community in Trinidad and Tobago, and some organisations. I was supposed to blog about that last week, but geez I was tired. I’ll get to it eventually. There is much research to get done. We learned about some, but much more info is needed I think.


But yah! That’s like a very brief rant, very boring summary.

And we did a song that made the tutor cringe even as she had us sign  it. It was awkward! =D

But it did help us learn signs so, why not.

Should I do ASL v TTSL sign videos, just to show y’all the comparisons? Or should I hold off until I know a bit more and am more confident?

I’m thinking the latter.


That one.

I’m very sleepy.


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