Progress!!! (Or -?!!??!?!-)


Things are falling into place for me at a very rapid pace. After so long without, suddenly I’m getting so many opportunities and progress, and it’s amazing and overwhelming all at once.

A business venture and partnership is coming together. My friend and I are doing tutoring! Four out of five compulsory subjects, so that’s like, half of what people actually do for school. We both are putting in the effort for this, and as slow as we are in getting started, we haven’t been without possibility and certainty. We’re planning and organising as we go, and it seems to work. With God, (God willing), we’ll go far with it.

I’ve also been hired with a small company. It’s a tiny position, but I’m hoping and praying that I could stay for a while – longer than part-time, earning my way, and learning new skills.

Ministry seems to be progressing as well.

I’ve been doing bible study under beneath the tangles over on tumblr, and now I’ve been asked to lead it. So it’s a big step, and I – admittedly am feeling braggy about it, but mostly I’m just nervous about it. Am I now in a leadership position, holy- ?!

Also, I can’t quite remember if I had blogged about it before, but I did want to be a Spanish translator or interpreter for pastors ( I aimed for Missions) when I was little, and in a five – to seven year old mindset, I decided i would, and promptly forgot I had done so. Until years later. That was three years ago.

Today though, I intended to suggest the idea of it to my pastor, and tonight we discussed it. He seems for it, and I hope it happens, because…. We need to reach a wider audience in their native tongues.

Problem with that is, how am I going to effectively pitch that.

Can I just ask that you keep these things in prayer? The tumblr bible study ( and participate if you feel like it! All are welcome!) and the translation/interpretation. I’ll be praying on my side too, but it would be helpful and appreciated if you agreed with me.


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