My crochet is my testimony now


This pair is special to me. It’s not the first pair I’ve actually done. It’s the first pair I sold. Posted pricing as a half joke, now I’m gathering clients with these. I’m happy, because, as small as it is, as trivial a thing it is, even though, I’m basically even more indebted to my parents for funding yet another thing for me, this is the kind of thing I hadn’t seen myself doing even a month ago. Even while attending a business workshop, I half considered doing this, but i pushed it aside in favour of using my Spanish skills. I focused on starting my translation firm. I’m still thinking about it. That’s what I wanted to do, and I worked way hard earning those skills.

But until I get something a little more permanent and steady, I’m happy for this pair. It may not be the firm I want, but it’s still something I can start with.

Still it’s a little more than that. Using a self-taught hobby to earn my own money, and to see myself reaping the benefits, it’s satisfying. And I thank God for that. Not saying that I heard a voice that said that I, Kayleigh, must forget my studies and forget everything to start a crochet business. 

Rather, I think it’s more like, He sent the right people at the right time. To get me talking. To get me to go to a workshop that, on that day, I was more than prepared to ditch and continue living under a rock. To ask for help, to accept it, use it, and produce something from it. To accept rejection a little more maturely than I would have before. To show me elements of myself that I couldn’t or didn’t want to see. To make me reevaluate myself, to actually go out and use the skills that I have, or want to have, to some end.

A touch from God may not always be big and rescuing. But it’s always life changing.

This is why these simple little crochet studs are special to me. They don’t just represent a means of earning my own money. They milestoned a touch from God that I will forever be grateful for.

– Kaye~


A day well spent

Today I’ve been home by myself, and it’s great. I’ve finished a slouch hat for my sister’s birthday this month (maybe I’ll add a motif to it? Her birthday isn’t till the 19th). 


I cleaned my room, reorganised stuff and I’m waiting to put together that computer set, so I have something more than just mobile devices. I say waiting, since I can’t find power cords for the old CPU…

I washed two weeks worth of clothes, but I have all my work clothes to wash as well. As I get one bit done, I have more to get done. But that’s chores.

For food though, I admit I’m not doing bento, but I took managed to stick to the food I’m supposed to. I think.

Breakfast was leftovers – ricotta and spinach pie.

A salmon patty, and some salad for lunch.

And I have salad and cereal for snacks!

Yeah I think today was well spent.

Although…. Maybe I should get out of the house more.

– Kaye~

Circle Crochet Shrug

My newest crochet project – probably the hardest so far, since I’ll be doing it using thread. Also it’s rainbow coloured so….. Anyway should be down by next week if I work at it constantly.

The Woodsy's Bulletin Board

Circular Crocheted Shrug

You will require 2 or 3 skeins of sock wool for a light summer shrug, depending on your size and the coverage you want for your shrug; or the equivalent yardage in worsted or chunky for a winter shrug. I recommend making the summer shrug first so you can track your yardage as you go.

Measure the fullest point of the bust, add 2”, and divide in half (this give you X”).

With a 4.5 mm hook, chain 10 and join to make a ring.

Row 1: Chain 3, dc into base of ch, *dc in next ch, 2 dc into next ch*, repeat to end, and join.

Row 2: Chain 3, dc into base of ch, *dc in next 2 ch, 2 dc into next ch*, repeat to end, and join.

Row 3: Chain 3, dc into base of ch, *dc in next 3…

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Free Pattern: Ribbed SleevoScarf

So after picking up crocheting like a child picks up germs, I’m really excited to do this and get this piece done. Crocheting is making a big comeback in the tropics, but the weather is quickly heating up. So following these instructions with worsted weight yarn, I’m getting a short sleeved convertible scarf. Which should be fine – this is the shrug style I’ve been trawling the internet for all day.

PS – lemme brag about the tiny skills I have – check my progress on instagram @Arkanian_Hyde .

Hookers Don't Bite

I’ve been going out on the weekends a lot with a t-shirt and super fun oversized ribbed knit scarf with the most overindulgent fringe ever. MsNovak  sent me this amazing scarf during the summer’s Seasonal Scarf Swap. I think it’s my favorite scarf EVER. So some of these times when I’ve been going out in my t-shirt and scarf it’s been kind of cold. I kept playing with the scarf and wrapping it around my arms like a sleeve. I realized what I really needed was a multi-purpose scarf that could be used as sleeves when needed. I had seen pictures of some scarves turned shrug and browsed through some patterns, but they all seemed more like summer patterns, so I made one up.

Here’s the pattern for my Ribbed SleevoScarf:

Just over 2 skeins of Loops and Threads Charisma (around 230 yards of Bulky weight yarn).

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2014 Hobby No. 4 update


I still have a long way to go with crocheting. I’ve done a headband, a few bracelets, I guess a wool collar? *eh..* But I think it was last night that I made any notable progress – a wraparound Woggle bracelet with a clasp. That way I figure I could adjust it whenever I need to, or change up the style if I want to. It’s still pretty lame, the way I’m getting overexcited over this, but hey! Progress is progress. And now I have a new skill. 

New hobby for 2014 no. 4 – Crochet

So I haven’t been posting for two weeks. Which means I’m getting lax on my half-assed commitment, but not really since 1) nothing particularly now worthy happened the first week, and 2) this week – week 2 – I’ve started crocheting. Like thread crocheting. Which is theoretically not harder than yarn crochet, but for some reason, it takes longer to find things to do with it. Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve been doing it for…. A few days- spending a lot of time on YouTube and Pinterest. Found some cool things. So later down the line I could try those out. In the meantime, checkout my mad skills (oh boy :-\ )

Still, it’s me getting somewhere.


So proud of myself :3