Kids’ say

My friend has a kid who’s adorable as he is an old man at four. You could see the influence his mother’s family has had on him so far and dammit, they grew him up nice. You could see he’ll be a little heartbreaker when he’s ready. 

He also has hair that’s the perfect texture and length for a tasteful, cute little rat-tail of a braid. If it was any of his other aunties – my friends, who all know his family – yeah I’d attack their hair. We’ve all known each other for a decade-plus. We’re all pretty comfortable with each other

But this kid, it’s literally the second time in life he’s ever seeing me because location and schedules, so I’m like, “I wanna do this thing, but I’ll wait for his mother and ask her before I ask him if I could”. That confused my friends, which baffled me.  Dude I’m not gonna just start randomly playing with his hair. He doesn’t know me. I’m a stranger to him. And even then. What if that makes him uncomfortable? What if he doesn’t like it? What if his mother -sensibly- raised him not to let random people play with her child’s hair for their own amusement?

I mean, I guess I get it? One of my friends was raised to be respectful and affectionate toward adults and just-people in general. The other one basically sees children as the equivalent of adults, but tiny.

Still, I know that would freak me out at 26 if one of my parents friends, especially if this is the first time in years that’s I’m meeting you, and I barely knew you the last time, played with my hair.

(That actually happened at a conference that I  went to a couple years ago. Other attendees touched and petted my hair. Freaked me out. I played with my hair trying to make it more comfortable, like a cat licking its fur after being petted. They meant nothing by it, but still)

But that’s just it. Kids have a right to consent, just as much their parents have a right to say yes, you can play. 

I didn’t ask, and I forgot about it, until we left. Didn’t matter anyway. Everybody was so busy anyway. 

The parents do have a say in who interacts with their kids and how. It shows a level of trust between them and the ones that allow to act a certain way toward their children. But I think children have the final say. They know what they like, they know who they trust. 

And you have to know your boundaries. 

We are all Edmund

Yes, I’m referencing a tumblr post, found on Facebook, on a WordPress blog, that links back to tumblr. Ain’t dissemination wonderful?

Everyone on tumblr who comes across any post have at least once used an Edmund gif as #relatable, #me, #tbhMe, etc. Also, he’s indeed sassmaster supreme. 

But he’s more relatable than we think. Sure he’d rather not spend his time outside. Yes, we all think his siblings insufferable sometimes. And yeah, we like to come off better than we feel to others. 

But I really think the description in the text post actually sums up my point. All of this is true. And a little on the nose for C.S. Lewis. Aslan as the model for the Christ figure. Yeah, it’s not a boop to the nose. It’s the full palm. 

His other siblings clearly show admirable characteristics- bravery, honour, wisdom and caution, truthfulness, kindness, responsibility. Edmund doesn’t. Not immediately. He’s childish, immature, a liar, even if for fear of being babyish as Lucy was perceived despite both of them experiencing Narnia. He sold out his family for sweets. 

One of the easiest things to do would be to sort them by the Hogwarts house systems. Sweet, innocent Lucy, who believes in the good of the beings around her, but who would fiercely oppose Evil – Hufflepuff. Susan, who looked at things with logic, caution,  and common sense could easily be Ravenclaw. Honour-bound Peter looked after his siblings, saw to it that he fulfilled his responsibilities, and rallied them no matter  what they did is clearly Gryffindor. Edmund knew the reality they faced. They were displaced because of war. His family is separated. He’s upset and makes it known, even if he can’t express what the problem is. He knows what he wants to be perceived as, and aims to portray it. He sold his siblings for sweets. Yeah he’s Slytherin. 

But it’s more than that. 

He was all those things. He did all those things. Those characteristics and his past experiences only helped make him “the Just”. He learned where he went wrong in Narnia. He wanted out. 

He wasn’t perfect. Far from it. I’m sure he had his faults even after the battle. ( Honestly, I’ve only ever read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe)

He faltered. He had his moments of doubt. But he looked to Aslan, and saw what Aslan did for him. He forgave Edmund. He allowed him Grace. He died for Edmund. Edmund found out, constantly, that he was worth it. And those are things you can’t come back from after the implications of that hit you. And you can’t help but love the person who would give his life for you without an second thought. 

As I said, Aslan as the Christ figure is well on the nose. 

You know when you’ve been just out all day, and you can’t really function, and you know you need to just wash everything off and change, but you’re so exhausted that you’re just tempted to drop on the floor and stay there forever? I’ve been there spiritually for a while. It had to take this exact text post for me to try harder at getting clean and refreshed.

I’ve tried to be Lucy. I’m too much like Edmund. But like Edmund I have that second chance. Way too much, but I’ll take it. 

On this day in history

I hate letting people know when my birthday is generally. There are a lot of reasons why I don’t, and it all stems from how awkward I feel about it.

Still, for the sake of this Post, that’s the context. Tonight’s my last night as a 25 year old.

So what have I learned?

Well, from tonight’s drinking game with my siblings ( at home, where I could easily wimp out and leave, as I did) I learned several things. One, that this would make an excellent blogpost.  Two, that as a Christian, these things have lessons, despite the obvious “drunkenness?!?!?”aspect. Three, that there are some things that I’m too old for, and I was right years ago when I decided that my one drink limit was enough.

And these are the three that I could think of at this point in the post.

Let’s start with the easiest to address – age and alcohol tolerance. I don’t like drinking tequila. I don’t like drinking generally because I hate the buzzed, then uncomfortable feeling afterwards. I prefer to take one alcoholic drink, if any at all, then compensate with bottles/glasses of water to clear my head.  It’s safer, and I don’t feel to throw up immediately after. Unlike tonight. Luckily, it was at home, with siblings and in a space where I could wimp out and get comfy before I sleep. At 25, hours away from being 26, I’m too old for drinking games. Also, I think I inherited my father’s tolerance for alcohol. (It’s hella low)

I’m an old lady, I shouldn’t be playing with these young’uns. Not with these fancy social activities of theirs. I’m lucky tho. I knew when my limit was coming up. I even told my siblings when that limit was coming, then breached. But because I’m either too scared or to vague to say anything outright, I still had to vomit, then walk around a few times before I officially admitted defeat.

So, age, preference, and tolerance level equal not qualified for being an alcoholic. So yay. Factor in the fact that I remember all my drunken adventures(“adventures”) yea, I’m not gonna become an alcoholic anytime soon.

Christianity. It’s not a black and white issue. Alcohol as an issue is extremely vague. Paul talks against it for people serving in the church(1 Tim 3:8), and those who are drunkards are described as people to not associate with(1 Cor 5:11). But alcohol can be useful in medicine (1 Tim 5:23).

Moderate use of anything is good. It’s excessive use that gets us in trouble. And, as low as my tolerance for alcohol is, I believe that I probably crossed my limit long ago. The nausea and throwing up proved it.

I’m just glad that I was in control of my senses to stop before it got worse than it did. Luckily it was comically bad instead of, “holy shit, I think she’s dead” bad.

Most people, being human, can’t control their urges, and they end up giving in to these urges, which quickly become addictions. Alcohol is addicting. It can be destructive when it gets to this point. Which is why I could understand why many Christian leaders tend to abhor it, and strongly advise against, and openly condemn it. The youth in me is saying, but, just know yourself and know your limit. Moderation is key. The old lady who strongly just wants to not regret her decisions say just ignore it altogether. You act as if you’re drunk anyway, just be aware of the crap you’d say and have more control over yourself. Because you could be aware, but still be reckless with your words under the influence of alcohol.

Which segues nicely into my next point. (Ad-libbing) A drunken mouth speaks a sober mind. Which happened tonight. Making everyone, including myself, aware of issues that I still need to sort of probably. Or address. To myself and with others. I’m not complaining. I’m not regretting saying it or revealing it. But don’t think me callous or cruel.  Regret for me tends to be forgetting it out ignoring it, pretending it didn’t happen. Since I’ve revealed it, I could now address it and try to fix things.

This goes back to Christianity. One, excess is bad, leading to sin. And for lack of a better word, self sabotage and disrepair.  But, I’m admitting where I went wrong. I went well past my personal limit, leading to excess and discomfort. Two I said things I would have been better off addressing or staying quiet about. That could have led to a fight, but luckily it didn’t. Thank God. Because two alcohol fueled parties fighting never leads to anything good. Three, well, since I’ve put it out there, bringing this up does make the problem real, more….. corporeal? More…. yes, real. It can be addressed. Which is good. If issues are made clear among people, things can be made new and whole. It puts it out there, ready for a solution to be made.

I’m sobering up pretty quickly given the time since I decided to write this post, coupled with the almost immediate throwing up I did. Which I don’t mind. Tequila is horrible.

So, in this moment of decided (spiritual) weakness, there can be strength. Remember, all have fallen short.


I’m just happy that my method of drinking then sobering up means that I don’t get hangovers.

I’ll remember it though. I remember each and every one of these times….. 😳

Sign language classes have begun for me

We’re two weeks in so far, and it’s really interesting, because we learn both ASL and TTSL signs where applicable. We got a lot more of TTSL v ASL signs today and it’s actually pretty cool. I’m thinking I’ll be more comfortable with ASL signs though. Which isn’t a problem, since ASL is widely used here. Granted, the TTSL signs would be good to know, for vocab or general use. I dunno.

I’m just glad I have a forum to learn and practice. You learn stuff online, which is fine, but I mean, language is dynamic, and learning online and from books is way static. I just wanna get a place to practice it, even if it’s just once a week.

It’s one step closer to fully learning TTSL though. Like, officially. The interpreters learn it, the average Joe learns ASL.

I’ll want to learn TTSL.

But can I interpret? I get trouble interpreting got spoken languages. It’s a confidence/anxiety thing. I’ll get over it, but… Maybe not for some time.

Anyway, there’s always Deaf events to go and learn TTSL.

Oh interesting thing! For me at least. Maybe some linguists will find it cool. I dunno. I do.

There’s a parent of a Deaf child there. Her son attends the Cascade School of the Deaf, and he even taught us some signs. Some were intentional, others were not. He was playing, but I was watching. I mean, he’s the only native signer there tonight. So, I need to learn. As a polyglot and a linguist, I make it my point!


With the signs for family members, I watched the tutor/coordinator sign, and it was what I learned on asluniversity, and I’m looking at the kid and I’m seeing what the Deaf naturally use here. So I’m following him, using his signs. The tutor didn’t correct me yet, so I’m fine (?)

What’s cool too, as a linguist, is seeing/hearing about language changes. Or possible ones anyway. Like for HEART we learned you trace the shape of a heart on your chest. The kid’s mother mentioned to the tutor that children at school signed it, like, using the hand to shape it rather than trace it  (?)


Like that, I believe. The location is the same, but if I remember rightly, you do need movement. I wonder what the movement would be.

Hm…  I don’t wanna say you can use this just yet. So please don’t. Just trace the shape of it.

Last week, we  learned the history of TTSL and the Deaf community in Trinidad and Tobago, and some organisations. I was supposed to blog about that last week, but geez I was tired. I’ll get to it eventually. There is much research to get done. We learned about some, but much more info is needed I think.


But yah! That’s like a very brief rant, very boring summary.

And we did a song that made the tutor cringe even as she had us sign  it. It was awkward! =D

But it did help us learn signs so, why not.

Should I do ASL v TTSL sign videos, just to show y’all the comparisons? Or should I hold off until I know a bit more and am more confident?

I’m thinking the latter.


That one.

I’m very sleepy.

2016 Reading Challenge – Book I own but never read

So I have the entire Harry Harrison collection – or at least most of his works. I’ve hardly made a dent in it, only reading Make room! Make room! because Soylent Green.

For this challenge though, I’ve chosen to read Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers.

It’s not my favourite. Although I do not regret that choice.

There are things there that I can appreciate. He presented things with a pretty – remarkably – progressive mind. At the very least, you can see these reflected in the current social mindset.  Chuck and Jerry ended up as a couple; (Son of) an African American ended up with a white girl. The American sense of identity is strong.

It felt like Guardians of the Galaxy for an earlier audience, to be honest.

I could appreciate it because you can see how Harrison’s writing affected our current society.


Where did Jerry and Chuck’s relationship come out of? The narrative didn’t show it. Then again, it took the internet and my friends to tell me that Dumbledore was gay. 

Sally annoyed me. From constantly getting kidnapped or overcome by mentally strong aliens, or giving away their plans to their enemies, to having her opinion ignored for “being a hysterical woman”, to being the only female, thus the only one to have to serve anyone. Also being completely sexualized and don’t care.

Arguably, you can say it’s the female sexual awakening, and Sally is expressed as being comfortable in her sexuality. Maybe. But I don’t think it’s a strong enough argument.

One thing I did like, and that I immediately saw the fault of our human crew, was the favouring of the humanoid race over the more gruesome looking, not – humanoid one. Immediately you can guess, because clichés, that the humanoids would embody the enemies. And they did.

Looks are deceiving.

Still for these faults, looking at the time it was set in, when it was written, you can’t help but want to overlook them.

Plus, it says something when you know what AC/DC means, years after that meaning does out. I think that was the most rib-tickling  part of it.


So my friend tagged me in this, and I think it’s brilliant. Twelve months, twelve goals to reach. Now, I don’t think I’ll be doing it in order, but I still think it’s a good one. I could already think of a few books that fit the bill. I really hope she does this too, since a bff’s opinion is needed for one of the challenges.

– Kaye~

5 things ALL Singles Need to do!


There are a few things every single should do before they think about marriage. Besides, why pray for something that you aren’t preparing yourself to handle? It’s easy to lose your blessing when your character isn’t ready to maintain it. So here are five quick things to do before marriage:

1. Seek God

One drastic thing people forget to do is to seek God. The first step to finding a “godly relationship” is to first find God. We often think a relationship will build our walk with God, but we must first have a relationship with God. Dating the wrong person can also slow it down. If you aren’t growing spiritually already, then you’ll only be more distracted when someone else is in your life.

We have to first see God as number one in our lives and build our lives around our walk with Him, or else when someone…

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