Luke 23 – thoughts while reading for Tumblr bible study . I swear it’s related.

You know in the original Superbook  series where Christopher and  Joy go into the bible and experience it to understand it and apply it to their lives for whatever moral needs to be learned? I’m reading Luke 23 and I keep flashing back to the episode with the Fall of Man. Chris had tried to stop Adam and Eve from eating the Fruit of the Tree of Knowedgle of Good and Evil. The Serpent  hisses and scares them long enough for the original couple to eat.

All I’m thinking about now, is that if I was there at the events of the chapter, I’d have to stop the kids from trying to stop what’s going on because it’s necessary. It’s the only way that Humanity could be restored to God. Still, knowing why, and knowing what happens, or seeing  what happened as they did, it’ll be hard to do. And I’m picturing Chris and Joy’s faces looking up at me and it’s bad because, canonically, they’re now experiencing and properly learning what happened.

Also,  I imagine the guilt they probably feel because they didn’t stop Adam and Eve from eating the one fruit that started it all. If they didn’t, then, Jesus wouldn’t need to suffer as He did. I mean, Maybe. Because who knows what would have happened after they [potentially] stopped it.

But the story can’t change, because we’re not a part of it.  And the plan can’t change because God’s plan needs to come to fruition. For our sake.

I swear, Chris and Joy have to be the most convinced? certain? what’s the word I’m looking for? confirmed? Christians after literally experiencing the bible as they did.

So how is it related?

We all could attest to the fact that a good book draws you in and you’re attached. Experiencing things alongside the characters or you’re tuned to the feelings and experiences of the characters.  Yours and theirs contrast or complement each other as you go through the same experience in the moment.

That’s what I felt reading this.

I was made aware of the experiences of the people, of Pilate, of Herod, of Jesus too. You feel what He felt. You see what He went through, in a third-person  POV. I felt like Pilate’s decision was based on fear of this angry mob before him accusing an  innocent man. My feelings, and my apprehension, and recognition and awareness of what’s been described in the chapter- it all leads to an appreciation  of what was done for my sake, and your sake, and for all, despite none of us deserving a pardon. Despite all of us deserving punishment.

The same way that Chris and Joy felt and learned and experienced what was in the book -the Greatest Book – I was drawn in, felt, learned, experienced, and them proceeded to put myself into the circumstances in the chapter, as one of the crowd and it was scary. I mean, these people looked for the Messiah, learned about how he would come, have extensive knowledge of the sacred writings and prophecies, but were unable to recognize Him. That’s terrifying.